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Word from the Rules: This Is The Life

Name: Nicole
Nickname: Nikki
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: Dec. 29th

Strong Points: Well, I can be protective over those I care for. I'm the kind of friend that people can open up to and trust for advice. I'm not very gulliable, and I have a knack for hiding my emotions behind a smile.
Weak Points: Guilt, mainly.
Pet Peeves: Self-Pittiers, and people who judge by labels.

Hannah Montana Quote? Why? "I'll be acting through my tears
Yes, you'll never know
That I'll sure win
an Oscar for this scene I'm in."
I can completely relate to that... Hiding behind a smile on feelings for someone.

Color: White
School Subject: English, definatly.
Music: Jpop, Pop, Pop/Rock, Rock, anything BUT rap!
Sport: Dancing and cheerleading? If they count.
Likes: Jesus! Family an friends are a given. Anime, romance, Disney, fantasy, reading, dancing, and drawing.
Dislikes: Meat, jerks, self pitty, sexism, relion-bashers, labeling. >/
Favorite Character & Why:Oliver. I think he is so adorable, not to mention funny. xD
Least Favorite Character & Why:The teacher and Rico. The teacher annoys me on how he treats Miley. And Rico just being one of those obnoxious kids that pull pranks.
Would you like to be stamped as a character of your gender or not? Of my gender please. :D

(Optional) Include 2 good pictures of yourself, or a description.
Tall and lean. I'm pale with long, naturally wavy hair with bangs and doe brown eyes.
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