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Words from the Rules: This is the life!

Name: Liz
Nickname: see above
Age: 22
Gender: female
Birthday: 6.18

Strong Points: decent with a turn of phrase, competent in the style department
Weak Points: indecisive, need to work on my sense of entitlement
Pet Peeves: trendy liberalism, living with inconsiderate people

Hannah Montana Quote? Why? Any time Billy Ray says "achey breaky." I loved that song as a kid, and I love that he is okay with making fun of himself.
Color: pink
School Subject: English/French
Music: anything fun and dancey (but I will never forsake The Beatles)
Sport: I'm not really the sporty type. Gymnastics?
Likes: getting new things, compliments
Dislikes: vegetables, conflict
Favorite Character & Why: Hannah. She is, in fact, "living the dream."
Least Favorite Character & Why: Rico. He grates on my nerves and seems quite incorrigible.

Would you like to be stamped as a character of your gender or not? well, yes

(Optional) Include 2 good pictures of yourself, or a description.

(An accurate depiction of my life before finals in college.)
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