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You get the best of both worlds!

Word from the Rules: This is the Life

Name: Julia
Nickname: Puck, Jula, JGask, Jbug, or Jugy (trust me, there are more)
Age: Just turned 17
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 4th

Strong Points: I'm a really good friend and I'll stand by the ones I love till the end. I'm loyal and trustworthy, and will be there when you need me. I'm a very funny person too. I love making people laugh. I'm creative and love to write/draw/make movies.
Weak Points:
I tend to obsess over things (I don't think this is a weak point, but other people do), such as boys and movies. I make jokes and serious times when I probably shouldn't be. I slack off, a lot, particularly in school. I have a very short attention span, so make sure to talk about something interesting to grab my attention.
Pet Peeves: People who yell at the screen in movie theaters. People who yell at the stage during a play. People who think they're better than everyone else. People who don't close the door all the way on their way out of a room. Singing off tune. People who are homophobic.

Hannah Montana Quote? Why? "You're laughing at me, aren't you? Laughing your little pelican laugh. I hate you!" Oh Jackson. Gotta love that boy.
Color: Purple and green.
School Subject: School's not exactly my favorite place to be in the whole wide world... but I'm oddly good at math, which is weird cause I hate it. And theater! I love any classes that are theater related!
Music: Showtunes. Pop. Oldies. Classic rock. Rock. Indie bands.
Sport: Swimming and volleyball.
Likes: Television, movies, laughing, Lord of the Rings, dancing, acting, eating, and obsessing over things.
Dislikes: My brothers friends, school, Brian Greene, mimes, bagpipes, and avocados.
Favorite Character & Why: It's a tie between Oliver and Jackson. They're both just so funny. I feel bad that they can never get the girl. I think I prefer Jackson a little more. I always find whatever he does in the episodes hysterical, but even more so when he and Oliver work together (cheese jerky!).
Least Favorite Character & Why: Surprisingly enough, Hannah/Miley bugs me sometimes. I don't dislike her, but she gets on my nerves the most out of all the major characters on the show.

Would you like to be stamped as a character of your gender or not?

Nope! Stamp me as whatever you see fit!

(Optional) Include 2 good pictures of yourself, or a description.

Here's me at the beach (where I first discovered Hannah Montana!!)

Me at Rose Festival Fair. The theme was pirates, so I bought a pirate hat and eye patch!
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